The Pseudo Slang x Pawcut brand new classic 7" is now available for PRE-ORDER.


This lead single supports + foreshadows the Wanderverse full-length from Pseudo Slang x Pawcut, marking the first dedicated release from this long-running collaboration with a "split-a-side" 7" featuring the title track as well as Sehr Scharf Curry. Either face of the platter hits hard, and moves with purpose.

This is a Tri-Dimensional production, between Pseudo Slang (Emcee Sick & Dj Form), Pawcut with hr.pxl for WTM, and Arvid Wuensch Media.

If you’re waiting for the full length, this is the perfect appetizer. This split single is a limited release in the U.S. only 250 copies state-side, so cop yours before they’re all gone.